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One New Year's resolution

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Happy New Year! I’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions, one being keeping up with this blog. I’m sorry that I have left a huge gap between what happened in September and December. All I can say is that college essays are so stressful that I couldn’t do both. I did keep a diary, but mostly I’d rather share some of my personal experiences when I get home. But fear not! I have plenty of pictures that have captured my favorite events of 2009. I will slowly upload my pictures. Besides, I find pictures easier to describe events than my words.

Anyways, I have spent these last couple days reflecting over some of the biggest lessons I have learned. I have decided to list one:

Flexibility: Residing 27 km away from my school makes it pretty difficult for me to meet up with my friends. Truly, I was fine staying at home where it is peaceful. I might have missed hanging out with my friends, but it was a chance for me to study and not be pressured to socialize all the time. As I have found, socializing can be very exhausting—physically and mentally. Or, it’s being flexible and eating strange dishes. The other night, I had sea cucumber. Sea cucumbers are these large expensive cucumber-shaped slugs. When you take your fork and poke at it, it wiggles. I could easily mistake it for greenish-black jello, only it wasn’t sweet at all. It was a strange, rubbery feeling. I tried three bites, and then I couldn’t swallow anymore of it. It reminded me of the time I tried fried silkworms. It was a fried silkworm kebab. To eat it, I had to bite its butt off (the smaller end), savor the meat, and use my teeth to take out its abdomen (?). Lastly, suck before spitting. But if you were brave enough, you could eat the rest of it. As for the flavor, it was spiced but smelled like poop. I tried eating two, but both times, I almost gagged. I immediately drank Sprite, but then I made my Sprite taste like the fried silkworm. For me, I can’t adapt to all foods, but at least I’m willing to try.

Yawn. I am tired. I actually went to school to clean up the classroom. In the afternoon, I watched Avatar. I actually expected to see the cartoon boy with the big arrow on his head. You know, the one from Nickelodeon. It was definitely an amazing movie, but I think a little creepy. And especially hard to understand since it was all in Chinese and there were no English or Chinese subtitles. I managed though. It was just funny-looking blue creatures getting their home destroyed, betrayed, but then having the humans moved off their planet, right? I manage :)

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