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May 2, 2010

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I am embarking on an 8-day trip in Shanghai and I’ve been overwhelmed with everything that has brought me here. I’ve learned to take responsibility and appreciate my friends in the most desperate of times. For example, (this one I’ve got to admire Matt for), Zach was down to 1.92 Yuan on his phone and Matt had kindly added 50 Yuan onto Zach’s phone on his way home.

Besides my excitement for this coming week, I spent time with my sister Gina this weekend. We played basketball and we took a walk. I’ve made a deal to go outside with her every Saturday. When we went to the basketball court, we just tried shooting hoops. Just this week, Gina had amazed everyone by scoring 7 out of 8 shots. I wanted to see it for myself. However, her luck wasn’t always with her. As for me, I definitely am not good with shooting hoops. Afterwards, Gina and I practiced running. This coming Friday, Gina will be competing in the 50 M at school, as well as the 1000 M relay. Everyone around me seems to be runners—Gina, Gina’s cousin Linan, Zach, my friend Jing, and my other friend Thomas.

Gina and I estimated 50 M and practiced our dashes. After 10 M, Gina had surged passed me. She has these speedy short legs. However, if we competed in speed-walking, my longer legs can beat hers. I don’t think I’ve ever truly beaten her because when I run up to her, she breaks into a run. After we got tired, we sat down and just chatted. It felt good to sit outside with a nice breeze and sunny blue skies. It was a really nice sister bonding moment, talking about boys, the past, and friends.

The next day I took a walk with my grandpa to the supermarket. He bought some vegetables and meat while I bought Oreos, jelly, milk, and chips. These little treats could definitely help at the Expo, in case the vendor prices were outrageous. As we walked, Grandpa was telling me about his perspective of Northeastern China. He had been living here since he was 21. Now, he is 77. I loved his stories when he talked about the Korean War and his life in Szechuan, his home province. I’ve connected with everyone in this family, especially with my elders.

Last week, Mom told me that Dad will be going on a very long business trip—1 and a half months. I might not be seeing him before I return to America. I asked Gina what was the longest time her dad had been gone and she said, “A year.” I was so shocked. The longest time my dad has ever been gone is two weeks, and that was when he visited China. When I asked her the longest time her mom has been gone, Gina said, “One week. What about your mom?” I said, “6-8 months.” For Gina, she has always had a motherly figure. For me, I depended on my fatherly figure. My dad was the go-to person for numerous things—math, science, Chinese, English, history, common sense, etc. He taught me how to drive, supported my music lessons, and captured my childhood and teenage years through his camera lens. I felt sorry for Gina that a fatherly figure couldn’t be there for her more often, but I think she has learned to cope with his absence, as so have I.

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